Wagner Natural Area is an Environmental Resource for Educators


     Since 1983, the Wagner Natural Area Society (WNAS) has managed the Wagner Natural Area, conducted environmental research and provided public education about the site’s unique features. This year’s project is thanks to funding from Parkland County and the Green Jobs Initiative with Canadian Parks and Recreation Association. WNAS is able to provide free classroom presentations about the natural area and many environmental features that address science curriculum topics for Grades 1 through 6. Our objective is to show the value of Wagner Natural Area as an environmental resource for educators.

     Our presentations are customized for the topics of each grade level, with some general information about Wagner Natural Area to encourage subsequent visitation by students and their families to our Marl Pond Trail.

     Our half-hour presentations cover the following topics:

          Gr. 1—Seasonal Changes

          Gr. 1—Needs of Plants and Animals

          Gr. 2—Small Crawling and Flying Animals

          Gr. 3—Animal Life Cycles

          Gr. 4—Plant Growth and Changes

          Gr. 5—Wetland Ecosystems

          Gr. 6—Trees and Forests

     All grades: where is Wagner Natural Area, what are Wagner Natural Area’s special features, how did the wetlands and forests evolve, the importance of protection of natural areas, and how families can enjoy the natural area year-round.

     To register for a classroom session, teachers should send an email to info@wagnerfen.ca with subject line “Classroom session”; include name, name of school, grade level and topic, and dates and times that would work for you. We will be scheduling school sessions to optimize our staff/volunteer time but will try to get back in a timely fashion. Sessions will be available between May 14 and June 27.