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Wagner Natural Area is famous for its plants. A list of the plants found at Wagner can be found here.

Sixteen species of orchids
, out of a total of 26 species found in Alberta, occur within or near Wagner Natural Area. Some, such as the Yellow Lady's slipper, are amazingly abundant in blooming season.

Also occurring in the Wagner fens and around the marl ponds with their constantly flowing springs, can be found such interesting plants such as: Elephant Head, Shooting Star, Fringed Gentian, Kalm's Lobelia, Sundews, and Bladderworts, to name a few. Drier areas around the fens are populated with Black SpruceTamarackPoplarBirchWillow and members of the Sedge family.


            Summer is almost over, as August is ending.

                                                  Montropa uniflora

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   It's summer and a host of flowers are appearing. 

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             In June spring violets appeared in Wagner

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Marsh marigolds in full bloom

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Other Flowers


Grasses and Sedges