2019 March Annual General Meeting

Date: Saturday, March 9, 2019

Guest Speaker: Dr. Vern Peters, Ecology Professor, The King's University 

His talk is titled: "Alberta as home: An exploration of what this place is for, and how to dwell in it."  

Dr. Peters graduated with a BSc from the University of Manitoba in 1995 and a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in 2003. His main research interests include fire ecology, tree reproduction, interactions between seed predators, and conifers. Currently, he is studying prescribed fire as a management tool for restoring populations of the endangered limber and whitebark pine in parks. He also uses community-based restoration approaches to engage the public in conservation practice; this work is supported by greenhouse and field-based germination and survivorship experiments he conducts with students. 


Weed in the Wild, One Saturday in June (June 2, 2018)

It’s hard to believe that getting your hands dirty, having the occasional boot full of water, swatting mosquitoes, and hauling numerous bags while stumbling through the bush, could be so much fun. I want to thank Britney, Chris, David, Katelyn, Kathy, Mark, and Megan for their jovial companionship and immense effort on a very warm June 2nd to help manage a new weed of concern to our natural area. It’s very satisfying to make such a significant dent in the population of this undesirable plant. 


I also want to thank Parkland County staff and Alberta Environment and Parks invasive species group for their guidance and support, and for their ongoing invasive species programs in property adjacent to Wagner Natural Area.




Ode for the Pale Yellow Iris Management Team


Pass me the spade and get the bag ready,

I’ve been working all morning and want to go home,

This clump’s horrendous, or my name’s not Eddy,

I’ll knock off some dirt, but won’t leave any rhizome.


The plan seemed so simple. Just pull the weeds out.

Yet poor Morgan Creek is so littered with iris,

So many leaves and roots, you’ll frustratedly shout:

“This pretty invasive plant’s like a virus.” 


by Dave (my name’s not Eddy) Ealey


Photos courtesy of Britney B.

Clean-up Day Thank You - May 5, 2018

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out on Saturday, May 5, 2018, for our annual Spring clean-up day! We lucked out with the weather being a beautiful and sunny 22°C. Thanks to our many volunteers’ commitment and diligence, the event was a success and we were able to clean up the property in preparation for the summer events. Our volunteers collected over 18 garbage bags of litter from the property in and around Wagner Natural Area! 

Just a reminder for all new and returning visitors: please remember to take your garbage with you when you leave Wagner Natural Area, including dog waste and especially cigarette butts. Unfortunately, we found many cigarette butts on the ground and along the trail--we strongly discourage this as it contributes to environmental and health hazards in our natural area.

Our volunteers work hard to maintain this beautiful area and we appreciate visitors respecting the rules that ensure the health and prosperity of Wager Natural Area for everyone’s enjoyment.



                                                       Pictures from the Big Storm of May 24, 2017

                                                      (Downed trees and brush have since been removed.)                     




                                                                                  Wagner Gravel Shuffle - D. Ealey  (June 2016)
             Wagner Natural Society would like to thank our board members and Osborn Acres residents who contributed to our Gravel Shuffle
                                                                         (read the story below) 

Visitors to Wagner Natural Area will have noticed this summer of 2016 the addition of a new topcoat of gravel for the Marl Pond Trail.
What you may not know is just what it took to get that gravel there! 

Planning: Over a three-year period, Board members, in particular Irl and Pat,
· took up the gauntlet to find a source of good quality gravel, 
· estimated the quantity needed for the trail, and 
· worked with Parks staff at Alberta Environment and Parks, in particular Trevor, to secure payment and transportation of the gravel supply (delivered on June 7). 

Spreading: Irl and a colleague arranged to get the gravel delivery deposited in two large piles at the ends of the Marl Pond Trail; then the hard work of spreading the gravel had to be done.
· Carolyn, one of Wagner’s members and an Osborne Acres resident, pulled off an amazing feat of persuasion and on the evening of June 7th led a remarkable team of Osborne Acres residents and neighbours, who, with a bobcat, wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes, distributed about two-thirds of the gravel before nightfall!
· Thank you, Carolyn, Ron, Keith, Sheryl, and Harold for your hard work and your timely response to Wagner’s call for help. 

Finishing: The spreading of gravel took a couple more day-trips by Dave and the two Als, but by mid-June the gravel shuffle was complete. 

See attached photos showing some of the workers participating in the Wagner Gravel Shuffle. We hope you enjoy walking on the fortified trail!!

Completed and a Job Well Done!!!