Welcome to “FRIENDS OF THE FEN”, an opportunity for those interested in assisting with monitoring Wagner Natural Areas public areas. Whether you are a student, walk the Marl Pond Trail, enjoy watching the seasonal changes in this Area, or have an interest in wetlands or hydrogeology, the Management Committee of the Wagner Natural Area Society thanks each and every one of you for volunteering to become a Friend of the Fen. We know you care about Wagner and visit it whenever you can. Your visits are important to ensure Wagner’s continued well-being.

  The small volunteer Management Committee of Wagner Natural Area cannot adequately monitor Wagner’s public areas. Information gathered by the eyes and ears of the Friends will be an important and valuable addition to the Committee’s on-going knowledge about the day-to-day affairs of the Natural Area and will greatly assist with the care and management of the increasing public use of the Natural Area’s Marl Pond Trail. Any information collected and emailed to Friends of the Fen at will be reviewed and added to the Society’s database. When necessary, supplies will be replaced and / or clean-up of the area will be done. All suggestions for the improvement of Wagner’s public areas will be reviewed for implementation by the Management Committee.

  When any active vandalism is noted, Friends are urged to immediately phone and then phone Parks Division, Government of Alberta at 780-960-8170 with a description of the problem. At no time approach a person you see vandalizing anything within the Natural Area, or whom you suspect may have vandalized the Area. Leave that responsibility to the authorities. If it is possible, please note the license number of any vehicles in the parking lot at the time the vandalism or problem arises.
If at any time you notice a fire in or around Wagner Natural Area, immediately phone 911.

  Each Friend of the Fen will be provided with a Membership card that includes Wagner’s website address, email address, and useful phone numbers. The Membership card should be taken with you whenever you visit Wagner. A supply of Checklists will be kept in the Brochure Boxes; copies can also be downloaded from the Friends of the Fen pages on Wagner’s website. The Checklist is provided as a helpful tool in remembering and recording the specific things you are asked to watch for, or items of interest that you note during your visit.

  The Friends of the Fen will be acknowledged in the Society’s Newsletter and will receive advance notice and invitations to upcoming events organised by the Wagner Natural Area Society.
For further information, or to become a Friend of the Fen, email us at:

         The Management Committee looks forward to hearing from you!!!!