In December 1982, under the Alberta Government’s Societies Act, the Wagner Natural Area Society was incorporated to protect and manage the physical and biological integrity of Wagner Natural Area. The Society applied to the Federal government for, and was granted, registration as a Charity in April, 1983. The Alberta Government executed a 21-year Recreational Lease arrangement with the Society in September, 1983. The Lease was renewed in 2014 for a further ten years.

The Wagner Natural Area Society became part of the Alberta Government’s Volunteer Stewards program in 1986. Volunteer Stewards are unpaid volunteers who work under the direction of staff in the Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture department of the provincial government. These volunteers work in selected parks and protected areas to monitor conditions and alert the government department to concerns about management of their assigned area. The Stewards endeavour to raise the public’s consciousness and commitment to conservation and the protected areas program; encouraging the public to participate in site management and operation; and to foster communication between the stewards, the public, local governments, and Alberta Tourism, Parks, Recreation and Culture.

Through the years there has been a close relationship between Wagner Natural Area, the Society and educational facilities in the communities close to Wagner. From touring elementary school students around the Marl Pond Trail, to providing a venue for Junior Forest Wardens to evaluate the life and growth of trees, to research studies conducted by students at N.A.I.T., Grant MacEwan, and the University of Alberta - research and education in terms of the natural world have been a major focus of use of the land contained within Wagner Natural Area.